Antique Dining Chairs Redo

When we moved our kitchen wasn’t nearly as big as our previous one so I had to downsize our round oak table and chairs. This meant it was time for an antique dining chairs redo.  I pick up antique, vintage, and mid century dining chairs constantly so I went searching thru my stash to find a couple to go with a smaller kitchen table I found at Salvation Army.  The table is also antique and so friggin cute.  I am kinda loving her character…all the nicks and dings here and there that show how much use she has gotten over the years.  She has drop leaf sides and when I’m not working at my desk, like right now, you’ll find me at the table working.  I love it.

Antique Table

Cute, right?!

Anyway, I digress.  I picked up a couple of antique chairs at different times and different locations, but each had a flower carved in the back.  They were PERFECT to go with my adorable little table.  They did however need some lovin.

The Rose Chair - Before

The Sunflower Chair - Before

They both were almost identical in shape except that one has a carved rose and the other a carved sunflower.  The fabric was VERY aged and gross so that was replaced also.  Each chair was sanded down to remove the old finish before being wiped down with a wet rag and allowed to dry.

Next, I gave each of them a coat of primer.  Yes, I did end up painting them so you may not want to read or look any further if you’re one of those people who hate people like me who paint some antique or vintage furniture.  I try to do a lot of research before doing anything to any piece of furniture I have but I HAVE messed up before and painted something I shouldn’t have. Oops.  Live and learn.

Anyway, these chairs were quite beat up and had seen better days so I felt comfortable painting them.  At least now they would now be loved and inside as opposed to lonely in storage with the other furniture I have yet to decide what to do with.

I may have done a couple coats of primer.  Once dried, I painted each of them a gloss white which livened them right up.  The flowers were so nice and detailed I then decided to antique them with glaze.  Below is the sunflower chair back.

Antique Glazed Sunflower

And here are the finished products!

Antique Flower Backed Chairs - Done - RR

What do ya think?!