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Bold Vintage Furniture Makeovers

Hiya, I’m Tammy.  Vintage and mid century furniture redo’s and up-cycles are a passion of mine.  I love finding discarded and unloved pieces of furniture and breathing new life into them.  I tend to lean towards bold colors that make the piece the focal point of any room that it is displayed in.  As much as I would love to keep all of the pieces I redo, that just isn’t possible, unfortunately.  I sell finished products both online and locally.

I’m hoping to expand someday so that I have a dedicated space to both work and then display and sell my pieces.  Right now I work out of our home.  I have furniture EVERYWHERE and have had to get quite creative in terms of how and where I can get pieces finished.  On that note, I CAN tell you that spray painting indoors is an extremely bad idea, no matter how desperate you are to get some work done!

I offer a number of services and am always brainstorming things to add and offer.  I love helping people learn to do their own furniture for either fun or profit.  I hope to be offering classes both online and on-site to people wanting to learn how to either build, manage, and grow their own home based business or people looking to learn how to redo/upcycle furniture themselves.

Please feel free to send me a message on my Contact Me  page if you have any questions or topics you would like to see more of on this site.


This is my brother and I after a couple hours of painting in the sun.

Tammy And Chad @ Rarity Restorations


Tammy And Chad @ Rarity Restorations

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